Auditions for Therry’s November production of:


Written by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Kerrin White


Season: Wednesdays to Saturdays, 1st-4th and 8th-11th November at The Arts Theatre.


Rehearsals commence late August / early September and will be held on Sunday afternoons, Monday evenings and either Wednesday or Thursday evenings (on eor the other, depending on cast convenience).


Auditions will be held by appointment only on Saturday, 4th March.

Audition inquiries:    by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                  by phone: 0419 842 975

Synopsis: A stormy night in a remote house in the English countryside …

Three siblings have a hostile relationship, living together in the family’s ramshackle home. All are artists and all three have failed to live up to their early promise.

The oldest of the three, brother Mortimer, holds the purse-strings. He’s an unpublished composer who has never achieved his dreams or reached the potential shown in his youth.  His sister Jocelyn purports to be a writer of thrillers, but has never actually finished any novel. Brother Brinton is an artist who won’t let anyone, particularly his insufferable family, to view his paintings.

Add to this Jocelyn’s partner Norris; an insurance investigator who really wants to be a detective.

During an argument, Mortimer announces that he’s going to disinherit the family and leave the house to his former music student, one Wendy Jones (now a married woman with a teenage daughter). Wendy arrives at the house and – no surprises in a whodunit – is the victim of three attempts on her life.

That evening, a storm and the creepy, squeaky old house causes everyone to be on edge … more so when Mortimer suffers a mortal wound. The police do not take Norris seriously when he suggests it’s murder, so he decides it’s time to unveil his inner gumshoe and investigate. As Norris interrogates the residents and their alibis, Jocelyn reveals she has found a note from Mortimer with a typewritten list of means to commit murder – identical to the three attempts on Wendy's life and each of which could have been carried out by Mortimer.

Mortimer’s will cannot be found and Wendy and Jocelyn suspect his claim to disinherit the family was a ploy by Mortimer to upset  the family. Jocelyn returns the note to its hiding place.

Norris’s ham-fisted and hopeless investigation ends with a time-honoured thriller conclusion during which he reveals that the killer is Wendy. He is, of course, completely off-beam. In the meantime, Wendy has solved the mystery and leaves the house – the case seems to be solved. But when Norris accidentally finds Mortimer's typed note, is it really all over?


All roles available

AMY POLEGATE: Jocelyn's daughter – stage age 16

A tubby, uncommunicative, surly teen.  Amy is lonely and depressed living in this madhouse and comfort eats as a way of coping.  Most of the time she is moody and monosyllabic.  When she does speak it is usually to make a sarcastic comment. She can be unpredictable in her behaviour.


WENDY WINDWOOD: Mortimer's ex-pupil – stage age mid-30s

Wendy studied piano with Mortimer for six months twenty years ago.  However she is not particularly talented as demonstrated by her singing and piano playing in Act II, sc. i.  A slightly faded beauty who is now a married mother of three.  A very ordinary person thrown into a mad situation.

JOCELYN POLEGATE: a writer, Mortimer's sister – stage age late 40s

A slightly ditzy failed writer.  Jocelyn has begun writing over forty detective novels but never manages to finish them.  Of all the siblings, she has the firmest grip on reality (though that's not really saying much).  She desperately wants to be a good mother to Amy but doesn't always know the right way to go about it (eg, commenting on her daughter's weight).  She adores her boyfriend, Norris, despite his many failings.

BRINTON CHALKE: a painter, Mortimer's brother – stage age early 40s

A slightly potty failed painter.  Lives in a world of his own and is rarely bothered by reality.  e is an overgrown child who can be charmingly innocent one moment and irritatingly petulant the next.  He has an unrequited passion for Wendy Windwood that he has been harbouring for twenty years.  He is angry and resentful at how he is treated by his elder brother.

NORRIS HONEYWELL: a detective, Jocelyn's boyfriend – stage age mid-40s

A detective who has never solved a case (including the denouement of this play).  He is besotted with Jocelyn and extremely supportive of her writing “career”.  He loathes Mortimer and the way he treats Jocelyn and the other Chalkes.  Exuberant and enthusiastic, Norris makes it his mission to solve the murder.

MORTIMER CHALKE: a composer – stage age mid-50s

An embittered failed composer.  Mortimer has never had a composition accepted by a publisher or even performed in public.  A bitter and resentful man, he blames everyone around him for his own failure and lack of talent – particularly Norris.  He is cruel, miserly, tyrannical, egotistical and flamboyant


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