Teveye                       David Gauci

Golde                         Anne Doherty

Avram (bookseller)  Neville Langman

Bielke                        TBC

Chava                        Eloise Quin-Valentine

Constable                  TBC

Fruma-Sarha             Sandy Wandel

Fyedka                       TBC

Grandma Tzeitel        Sue Wylie

Hodel                          Ruby Pinkerton

Lazar Wolf                  Robin Schmelzkopf

Mendel                        Andy Trimmings

Mordcha (innkeeper) Gavin Lloyd

Motel                           TBC

Perchik                        Nathan Quadrio

Rabbi                           Ziggy Kruszewski

Shprintze                    Emily Glew

Tzeitel                         Georgie Broomhill

Yente                          Karen Inwood


Female Chorus            Bronwyn Langman

                                    Dale Voight

                                    Helen Loveday

                                    Renie Walker

                                    Sandy Wandel

                                    Sue Wylie

                                    Tiffany Downing

                                    Wendy Rayner

                                    Karin Inwood

                                    Cara Andriani

                                    Emily Downing

                                    Jess Beattie

                                    Laura Langmen

                                    Emma Haddy

                                    Hannah Tupil

                                    Imala Konyn

Male Chorus                Andy Trimmings

                                    Neville Langman

                                    Robin Schmelzkopf

                                    Ziggy Kruszewski

                                    Gavin Lloyd

                                    Aled Proeve

Male Dancers               Luke Wolianskyj

                                    Evan Wolfandale

Female Dancers           Sahra Cresshull

                                    Zoe Karatzovalis


Congratulations to all of the cast of Fiddler on the Roof. What a talented bunch they are.  The audition panel were delighted with the standard of those who auditioned. They had a wealth of talent from which to choose. It made the task of casting a difficult one as some very gifted actors and singers who auditioned with flair and passion have missed out. 

We still need some male performers so if you are interested and available, or happen to know someone who would be, please get in touch with Therry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There are also still some spots to fill with chorus males (singers, and those who can sing and dance, and dancers).