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By Roger HallDirected by Kerrin White

“There are a few shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them”.


Sydney, 2019. Russian migrant Natasha starts a folk-dancing class to supplement her earnings as a cleaner while she perfects her English and studies to become a music teacher. Unlike the locals, Natasha is blunt, tactless and doesn’t see her new country through rose-tinted glasses.
The dance class attracts a group of oddball seniors: two widows desperate to find an eligible man, a couple who fill their days with classes, and recent widower, Ned. Sebastian, a suave handsome stranger, arrives on the scene and sweeps the women off their feet.

Ned falls for Natasha. He is pure old school – a gentleman but no fool. Are they destined for each other, or will their romance be thwarted?

Packed with Roger Hall’s trademarks of acute observation and bucket-loads of humour, this play is about discovering the ways of a new country, accepting differences, finding love and dancing your way to happiness.

Roles Available (stage ages)

NATASHA (40s, Russian): Brutally honest Russian migrant. Has a terrible track record with both men and money. She has a healthy distrust of authority with the capacity to be incredibly bossy herself. She takes a genuine shine to Ned despite the age gap. Dance training/ability would be an advantage.

NED (Late 50s, early 60s): Retired accountant who has recently lost his wife. He joins the folk dancing class for exercise and to meet new people. He is sensible intellectually, emotionally, and fiscally. Despite all this, he falls head over heels for Natasha.

CORAL (50s+): Recently widowed and on the prowl for a man. Coral is an attractive woman and knows how to present herself to best advantage. She joins the folk dancing group expecting a smorgasbord of eligible males. She is disappointed.

JANET (50s+): Well-off married woman who joins the folk dancing group as moral support for her widowed friend, Laura. She is well meaning but not always subtle or tactful in her comments. A bit of a social snob.

LAURA (50s+): Recently widowed. Laura is looking for an eligible male. She no longer feels socially accepted as a single woman, something that Janet’s comments do nothing to alleviate.

BEV (60s): Very self-focussed. She and her husband, Ray, spend every waking hour taking a variety of classes. She is sharp-tongued, opinionated, overbearing (particularly with Ray) and tight with money despite their obvious wealth.

RAY (60s): Ray likes a quiet life. He achieves this by rarely speaking and always agreeing with Bev. Ray is a dark horse, with passions seething beneath the surface.

SEBASTIAN (50s, Englishman): A handsome, charming con man. He sweeps into the dance class and dazzles the ladies. He makes off with Natasha and Coral’s savings.

Season at the Arts Theatre (10 performances)
Thursday, 11 and Friday, 12 April at 7.30 pm
Matinees: Saturday, 13 and Sunday, 14 April at 2 pm
Wednesday, 17 to Saturday, 20 April at 7.30 pm
Third Matinee: Saturday, 20 April at 2 pm
Preview ($10): Wednesday, 10 April at 7.30 pm

Rehearsals: Sunday afternoons and two weeknights TBC.

15-minute slots from 11.00am on Saturday 2 September 2023

Audition Venue:
Therry Clubroom, 1 Regina Court. Beverley.


Thursday and Friday, 8th and 9th June at 7.30 pm

Matinees Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th June at 3 pm

Wednesday, 14th to Saturday, 17th at 7.30 pm

Matinee Saturday, 17th June at 2 pm

Preview ($15) Wednesday, 7th June at 7.30 pm

The weekend of 10-12 June is a long weekend

Note: three matinees over two weekends



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Peter Ryan Ricci
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