Directed by Jude Hines

Bedside Manners | When Ferris reluctantly agrees to look after his sister’s small run-down country inn while she’s away, he did not anticipate all the wild comings-and-goings. Over the course of his house-sitting, Ferris becomes the catalyst for mayhem, as he navigates the two hapless couples through their respective doomed dalliances. It’s a classic British farce, full of hilarity, wit and a whole lot of laughs.



By Roger Hall
Directed by Kerrin White

Four Flat Whites in Italy is the story of retired librarians, Adrian and Alison. They have scrimped and saved for the holiday of a lifetime with another couple they’ve known for years. Shortly before leaving, one of their friends breaks his ankle, and the couple are unable to join them. Stepping into the breach are two new neighbours – brash Harry, a retired plumber, and his sexy younger wife, Judy, who insist on flying business class. What follows is an hilarious clash of budgets, interests, politics, culture, sex, religion, sport and coffee! Laugh along with the Flat Four’s poignantly funny adventures as they tour Venice, Rome and Tuscany.

Season Information:

Sunday afternoons and two weeknights TBC.

15-minute slots from 11am on Saturday 16 July 2022

Audition and rehearsal venue:
Therry Clubrooms, 1 Regina Court, Beverley


(Stage Ages)

ADRIAN (60s): Recently retired University librarian. A little uptight but with a dry sense of humour. Politically left-wing. Suffers from tremendous guilt over the car accident that left his daughter in a wheelchair.

ALISON (60s): Adrian’s wife, who is also a librarian. Very uptight. A bit of an intellectual snob. Politically Left-wing. Blames Adrian for the car accident that injured their daughter.

HARRY (60s): Retired businessman. Had a plumbing supplies company. Blunt, opinionated and likes to be in the right. Underneath the gruffness he has a big heart. Politically right-wing.

JUDY (late 40s/early 50s): Harry’s second, younger wife. Outgoing and sexy. Carries some emotional baggage from her past.

ITALIAN MALE (20s+): Plays a variety of amusing cameo roles. Gondolier, Centurion, Waiter, Beggar and Count.

ITALIAN FEMALE (20s+): Plays a variety of amusing cameo roles. Waitress, Tour Guide, Avis Car Hire Woman, Dress Shop Assistant and Countess.

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