Car parking near The Arts Theatre

MOORE STREET CAR PARK (Behind the Royalty Theatre)

Special rate of $8 applies as under

  • Enter between 6 and 8 pm Wed to Sat, and leave before 11.30 pm
  • Enter after 1 pm on Saturdays, and leave before 6 pm (new arrangement)

The machine will print a ticket with an end-time well before 11.30 pm / 6 pm,

but you will not be penalised if you have paid the $8 fee and

placed the ticket on the passenger-side dashboard.  

Please have some change (coins only) for the machine.

Please do not park in 24-hour reserved bays.


200 m east of the theatre, the new multi-story Wilson Carpark rates are:

$5 flat rate entering after 4 pm weekdays and exiting before 5 am the following day.

Most weekends: $5 flat rate each day (exceptions apply for special events)