Twentieth Century

Twentieth Century

By Ben Hecht & Charles MacArthur (2004 adaptation by Ken Ludwig)
Directed by Kerrin White

Auditions for Therry’s March 2020 production will be held by appointment only on Saturday, 12 October at our clubrooms, 1 Regina Court, Beverley. Appointments and queries by email only: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Season dates: 

Wednesdays to Saturdays 18-28 March 2020 at 8pm, matinees both Saturdays at 2 pm. 

Rehearsals commence mid-January 2020. 


Broadway ballyhoo meets Hollywood hustle! This Hecht-MacArthur comedy is set in the observation car of the 20th Century Ltd, travelling from Chicago to New York's Grand Central Station. Aboard the luxury train are egomaniacal theatre producer Oscar Jaffe, desperately in need of a hit, and his former paramour and protégé, temperamental actress Lily Garland, who abandoned him for a Hollywood career. Oscar is determined to sign her for his new show, and Lily is just as determined to ignore his advances, both professional and personal.Trying to make sense of the chaos are his long time assistants Webb and O'Malley. Other hilarious characters include George, Lily's lover, Max (another ex-lover and producer) and a religious fanatic who has escaped from an institution.

The 1934 film starred John Barrymore and Carole Lombard and was directed by the legendary Howard Hawks - it is considered the first of the great 1930s Hollywood screwball comedies.

Era: 1933

Fresh from their crowd-pleasing roles in One for the Pot, Maxine Grubel and Ben Todd have joined the cast of Twentieth Century along with Lindsay Dunn (critically acclaimed in the recent Adelaide University Theatre Guild success, Seventeen), veteran John Leigh Gray, Therry stalwart Steve Bills, versatile Shelley Crook and, someone new to the Therry stage, Rose Harvey as Anita Highland.

Anita Highland

Rose Harvey

Dr Grover Lockwood

Ben Todd

Matthew Clark

John Leigh Gray

Ida Webb

Maxine Grubel

Owen O’Malley

Steve Bills

Oscar Jaffe

Lindsay Dunn

Lily Garland

Shelley Crook