Therry is thrilled to announce the cast of our June musical, the Broadway version of   Pirates of Penzance at the Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide.

Mabel: Serena Martino-Williams

Edith:  Emma Haddy

Ruth:  Vanessa Shirley

Pirate: King Chad Crittle

Major General: Nicholas Bishop

Frederick: Jared Frost

Samuel: Nick Coxhill

And an assortment of daughters policemen and pirates including:

Adam Schultz, Sophie Riggs, Aled Proeve, Noah McKay, Deon Martino-Williams, Rosie Linehan, Eve Linehan, Hannah Homburg, Grace Frost, Nic Equid, Sara Dunn, Simon Barnett and Matthew Barnett.

Music by Arthur Sullivan.

Lyrics by W.S. Gilbert.

As presented on Broadway by Joseph Papp with musical adaptation by William Elliott

Directed by Ric Trevaskis

Musical Director: Mark Sandon

Choreographer: Konstanz Symeonakis


This tender-hearted band of Penzance pirates (made up exclusively of orphans unable to harm anyone of similar background) are celebrating Frederic's coming of age and impending release from his apprenticeship to them. He joined the pirates as a child owing to a mistake by Ruth, his nursemaid, who misheard his father's instructions to apprentice him to a pilot. She has remained with Frederic and is desperate to marry him. But, Frederic has met and fallen in love with Mabel whose sisters the pirates have claimed as their future brides. Their father, the General, is horrified at this prospect and declares himself to be an orphan, knowing that this will affect their immediate release. Frederic wastes no time in assembling a police force to capture the pirates.