Directed by Norm Caddick

Sixteen years after Caroline Crale is convicted of the murder of her husband, a London solicitor is approached by her daughter Carla Lemarchant claiming that her mother was wrongfully convicted – revealing a letter received from her mother before her death in prison. Carla has spent those years with relatives in Canada. When Carla and the solicitor embark on some sleuthing, they discover that, on the day of the murder, there were five other people at the house – the ‘five little pigs’ of Christie’s original Poirot novel. The story is told in two time frames: the ‘present’ (the 1940s) and the past, 15 years earlier in the 1930s.

Did you know that the dapper and mustachioed detective is one of Christie’s best-known creations was inspired when she saw Belgian man with a curious facial hair style and a quizzical expression. He would eventually be the chief protagonist in more than 40 of her stories. Christie tired of the character and wrote him out of life in the 1975 novel Curtain. And she also wrote him out of Five Little Pigs when she came to adapt the novel for the stage.